I am a collector, not only of finds but also impressum.

I store ideas in my head, in my sketchbook and in photo’s, and take these to my studio where the atmosphere is more subtle for work.

It transforms itself on canvas and associate to places I have been.

Simplified forms may be created, which projects a certain power more then detail. It is the mystique surrounding the idea that is important.

It is as if I were an archeologist, walking through a landscape searching for the depths and layers of time.

The landscape like a memory of the past? What is the earth telling me?

The excitement, ecstasy is what I want to show the viewer.

There is a certain intensity and concentration that takes me further from what I’m actually seeing.

Because of the cooperation with a dancer and a photographer I’m involved now with moving images, sound en light. I have to deal with new aspects in my work. An ongoing process where people and the different disciplines assemble and cooperate. This relation with me and the other in a setting will develop into a new body of work.